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We will be welcoming new babies into the world with the arrival of the new state of the art St Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee.

From the moment you step through our doors we’re looking out for you and your baby. We understand how special pregnancy, childbirth and the time that follows is for women and their families. Your time at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee is an exciting new beginning, the moment you meet your baby for the first time.

From February 26th 2018 we will be admitting expectant mums, so if you are planning the arrival of your little one contact us today on: 03 9218 8016

State of the art Medical Care

Our midwives are there to support you and your partner – keeping you your baby safe is their first priority. Parents have different needs during this time and we encourage you to discuss individual preference for labour and birth with your obstetrician.

Birth Suite

The birth suite is a safe and supportive place for Mums and their partners. Highly trained midwives, in consultation with an obstetrician, provide one on one care during labour and birth. Our large delivery suites have luxurious ensuites attached, some also include large baths for mums to use during their labour. 

Special Care Nursery

The Nursery will provide extra assistance for when your baby needs some extra special care. With the most modern facilities, the nursery will have four bed bays plus a high needs resus room.   

Well Baby Nursery

Our Well Baby Nursery is a place for babies to be cared for when their parents are not able to.  The Well Baby Nursery is staffed by highly qualified nursing staff who will provide care for babies as needed, from just an hour or two to extended periods depending on the parents needs. 

Postnatal Ward

Our rooms provide you with everything you need for your stay. You will have your own private room and ensuite, plus you can bath your baby in your own room.

Our team of midwives, lactation consultants and physiotherapists will all provide you with individualised care while you stay with us. Our extensive winter and summer menus are designed and prepared by specialist chefs. 

Maternity Tours

If you are interested in a tour of our Maternity facilities we offer tours on the following days & times:

  • Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6.30 – 7.00pm

Each tour lasts for approximately 30 minutes and are done in groups of 5 couples at a time. 

To book in for a tour either email or call via the details below stating your preferred date and time and a contact number:


Call: 03 9218 8016

Booking In

To book in to have your baby at St Vincent’s Private Werribee, please ask your GP to refer you to one of our obstetricians.

Obstetrician Phone Number
Dr Midia Alias (03) 9367 8626
Dr Claude Calandra (03) 9748 6022
Dr Joseph Drentin (03) 9411 7575
Dr Sujata Hemrajani (03) 9908 2998
Dr John How (03) 9398 0900
Dr Preeti Khillan (03) 9367 8626
Dr Thao Le (03) 9367 8626
Dr Thu Mai (03) 9318 3545
A/Prof Vinay Rane (03) 9329 0626
Dr Boski Shah (03) 9416 0003


For more information about having your baby at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee please call our Maternity Bookings Team on: 03 9218 8016

Download a copy of our St Vincent’s Private Hospital Werribee obstetricians list here (PDF 313.6KB).

Download a copy of our Werribee Maternity Information Brochure.